Research & Development CRO is an active member of a consortium with 8 other CROs around the world.

This strategy allows for global coverage for your multinational clinical trials provided by an extraordinary team of local experts in each region involved. Our Consortium Partners are:

  • ClinActis Pte. Ltd. – serves Asia Pacific clients from its headquarters in Singapore and operations in Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan and Australia
  • ClinDatrix – covers the United States and Canada from its headquarters in Irvine, California
  • DOKUMEDS SIA – supports trials in Central Eastern Europe from its operations in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Romania
  • DOT International – is based in Tokyo and covers operations in Japan
  • OnQ Research PTY LTD – serves African clinical sites from its headquarters in South Africa
  • Q-trials – serves Israel
  • R&G PharmaStudies – is a leading Chinese CRO, operating in 6 countries and several regions in Asia.
  • Venn Life Sciences – serves European clinical sites from its headquarters in Ireland and offices in England, France, Germany and the Netherlandspartners2
  • SMART Research Co. Ltd. – Scientific Research Support Service company, was established in 2011 and is the first local CRO officially approved by the Vietnam Ministry of Health to cooperate, monitor and support research sites in Vietnam, covering all the major cities in the country.
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Feel free to contact us to learn more about the Consortium.

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